New song: Sun June – NYC

Austin’s Sun June were my favourite discovery of last year. Their album Years symbolises their unique ability to produce perfect, episodic songs without ever feeling the need to embellish or increase the volume. They’re a model of restraint.

Such was the success of Years, a second press of the album has been released today. Accompanying the re-release is ‘Younger’, a 4-song digital EP that’s available on streaming platforms today.The EP features two new songs and two Years demos. ‘Monster Moon’ was released a fortnight ago but today is the first time we’re able to hear ‘nyc’ – and by god is it a cracker!

The song is underpinned by a distant whirring synth, sure there are other instruments, but this is the one ever-present. Above this Laura Colwell’s voice simply floats. In the chorus she sings ‘baby I’ve been to New York City’ as if wide-eyed, she’s telling an ex-lover how far she’s stumbled from her home town. The song ends with Laura plaintively singing ‘tell me how you want it’ before the ever-present synth vanishes into silence. Stunning.

Younger is out now on Keeled Scales

Apple Music:


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