Premiere: The Roves – Jimmy Ashcloud

The Roves launched their new album ‘All Those Freaks’ with a single that shot straight out of the gates. ‘Who’s sleeping on the Throne‘ had swaggering riffs, a big chorus and a wonderful croaky vocal from James Wing. The second single, which we’re premiering today, is from a completely different stock and reveals a softer, more understated side to the London four piece.

The band’s shared DNA – brothers James Wing and Tom Wing both play guitar and sing – means that many of their songs arise from the hometown that weaned the Wing brothers and the childhood memories that remain pertinent to them today. ‘Jimmy Ashcloud’ is cut straight from this cloth. Over barely more than a strumming guitar, James sings about ‘holding little Jimmy’s ash clouds inside a funeral home;’ a character so endearing as ‘little Jimmy’ and his fatal ending is the kind of comic-tragic tale that only a small town could produce.

The song doesn’t just relay the tragedy but also laments the actions of those around ‘little Jimmy’ that led to his death, ‘it’s strange you only choose to speak now he’s gone.’ ‘Jimmy Ashcloud’ is as profound as it it is strange, in the song’s final line Wing tells us that by holding little Jimmy’s ashes he hopes to bring some comfort to him. It’s these strange and bizarre tales that make The Roves so essential. The band have remarked that their new album is about the ‘sound of lonely retail parks and people that I know,’ so expect to take an even deeper dive into the Wings’ world when it comes out next month. I can’t wait to see what lurks there.

‘All those freaks’ is out on Meritorio Records on April 12. Preorder it now.

The Roves play an album launch show at The Lexington on April 21.

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