New video: Siobhan Wilson – Marry You

Shit, there’s so much good music coming from the Scottish Alternative scene right now. In the past year alone we’ve been treated to incredible albums from Kathryn Joseph, The Twilight Sad and A Mote of Dust and this tap ain’t going to stop running any time soon with releases from Honeyblood and Faith Elliot arriving very soon. Another name to add to that list is Siobhan Wilson, a multi-instrumentalist from Elgin who makes vital songs that leave an indelible mark.

Wilson is a musician you cannot pin down to one genre, musically she’s moved about, she was trained as a classical musician but has an increasing interest in alternative music, and physically she’s moved about, she grew up in Elgin, moved to Paris at 18 and then moved to her current home in Edinburgh. Siobhan breathes out that swirl of musical and international cultures into her music and it makes for a concocting, hypnotic mix.

‘Marry You’, the first single from forthcoming album ‘The Departure’ is probably the album’s most straight out rock-and-roll song. The song starts entertainingly but then turns on it’s axis when Wilson sings “If indecision is your decision I do not need your permission” as the guitars get grungier and the snare drum drives harder. This wonderful transition takes you to an unforgettable chorus that reveals the true Scot in Wilson as she sings “I’m gonna marry you” in her broadest accent. It’s an incredible first taster from her enchanting new album – save May 10 in your real-life calendar, your virtual calendar, anything, you really don’t want to sleep on it.

In the video Wilson, dressed in all black, trudges around a misty, muddy forest while staring dead-eyed into the camera. Watch it below.

The Departure is out on Suffering Fools Records on May 10.

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