New song: Field Medic – The bottle’s my lover, she’s just my friend

‘The bottle’s my lover, she’s just my friend’ is the final single from Field Medic’s upcoming album ‘fade into the dawn’. The preceding two singles from folk-singer Kevin Patrick, the man behind Field Medic, ‘Henna Tattoo’ and ‘Used 2 be a romantic’ were painfully honest and his latest single continues this streak. This one though might just be his most honest yet.

This song is about Patrick’s ongoing battle with drinking, during the album’s recording he quit drinking before his resistance was broken after a particularly gruelling set of shows. More specifically the song recounts when he was seeing somebody and would often decline to see them under the pretence of being busy yet really he was just drinking a bottle of wine in his room. Ultimately his alcohol addiction causes the relationship to end: “I’m looking past her so she’s cutting me loose” he sings regretfully. I’m lucky enough to have heard the entire album and it continues in this honest vein, pulling absolutely zero punches. Few albums this year will possess more integrity than this one.

Fade into the dawn is out on Run for Cover Records on April 19. Pre-order it now.

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