Premiere: Miyha – Palm Trees

I fall in love with new songs every day but some songs ascend to an echelon above even that. Miyha’s ‘Palm Trees’ is comfortably in that upper echelon, the kind of song where you get a minute into it and an internal or even external ‘oh my god, this is good’ comes flying out of your mouth. It may start simply enough with just guitar and an arresting vocal, but the amount of stages the song’s instrumentation takes you through leaves the listener drunk.

Just as multi-layered is the narrative that weaves through these different stages. Alejandra Perez, the band’s songwriter and vocalist, seems to sing broadly about the difficult break-up that was in fact the catalyst for their upcoming album ‘World’s Biggest Crush‘; Alejandra moved back in with her parents after the break-up and found a refuge in her brother’s bedroom where she wrote all of the album’s songs. Nailing down the song’s subject isn’t easy though as Alejandra admits herself that “each of the songs…has an under layer of meaning not necessarily obvious to the listener.” The narrative shifts just as quickly as the Wisconsin’s band instruments, in one moment we hear about a girl questioning the intentions of her boyfriend, in the next we meet Christine who’s doing her laundry and finally, the story of a 17-year-old leaving her partner. There’s so much to unpack here, I reckon I’ve listened to the song nearly 20 times and I’m still mulling over so much of it, just begin to comprehend the profundity in a line like “in 22 years I’ll know just what it likes to cry.” The best songwriters arm the listeners with the weapons to interpret their lyrics for themselves, Alejandro Perez is adept at that and on this evidence, she has all the tools to become one of our great songwriters.

World’s Biggest Crush is out on Heavy Meadow Records on April 26. Pre-order it now.

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