New song: KAZU – Salty

Considering that KAZU, Blonde Redhead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kazu Makino, ditched the blinding lights of New York in favour of the pristine Italian waters of Elba, a Mediterranean island in Tuscany, it’s ironic that her first ever solo single sounds like the metropolis she left behind.

KAZU left New York complaining of ‘respiratory problems’ and the pulsing synths of ‘Salty’, the lead single of her debut solo album ‘Adult Baby’, could well soundtrack a runner losing their breath, exhaling heavier with every stride. It’s trancelike and hypnotic, never going through any revolutionary changes yet somehow managing to envelope the listener in its repetitive whirr. The Japanese-American has remarked that she ‘doesn’t feel like a singer’ before and on ‘Kazu’ her voice is more of an accompanying instrument than a standalone feature, weaving a mix of her native and adopted language over the intoxicating soundscape.

KAZU’s album title, ‘Adult Baby’ reflects the feeling that we’re all children trapped in adult bodies and expectations, indeed she has no shame in admitting that she still lives in her ‘inner world’, ‘her fantasies’ just like she did as a child. If ‘Salty’ is the first landmass of that inner world, we can’t wait to scale the rocks and crevices to explore further.

Adult Baby will be released on Adult Baby Records later this year.

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