New song: Slow Mass – Siren

Before Thursday I knew absolutely nothing of Slow Mass. California band Club Night – who incidentally I love – dropped a tweet saying ‘THIS SONG IS CRUSHING ME’ into the great void with a link to Slow Mass’ ‘Siren.’ Without that post, myself and no doubt plenty of others would never have heard of Slow Mass, which just highlights how important it is for bands to raise one another up.

The Chicago band’s new single sees Dave Collis, the band’s vocalist, recount a dream where he got hit off his bike, “my head slid against the grain leaving ashes and scars like a tree cut down but my siren went off” he sings. While it may seem like a pretty throwaway dream, the emotion that resides there tells a different story, particularly in the song’s final third when fellow vocalist Mercedes Webb joins him to ceremoniously howl “and I think that I’m alive”. The vocals are absolutely central to ‘Sirens’, there’s barely more than an organ playing underneath them.

The ‘Music for Ears’ series which this belongs to may well be a series of previously unreleased B-sides, covers and demos but this couldn’t sound more essential.

Music for Ears 1 is out now on Landland

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