New song: Cate Le Bon – Home to you

Welsh trailblazer Cate Le Bon decamped to the fells of the Lake District to make her fifth and most personal album to date, ‘Reward’. Today Le Bon releases its’ second single ‘Home to you’ – the first single ‘Daylight Matters’ was featured in our March: 15 Songs list.

‘Home to you’ carries on where ‘Daylight Matters’ left off continuing Le Bon’s transition to a more muted, gentle sound. The electrifying lick of the telecaster is gone in favour of a fairytale-esque synth and a steady snare on this song at least – ‘Reward’ was written entirely on Le Bon’s first ever piano so I’m certain more delicate moments await.

‘Home to you’ is a world of it’s own, it’s completely self-encasing, trapping the listener in between it’s glockenspiel-like synths and Le Bon’s riffing, plaintive voice. As the song closes Le Bon chants ‘less time for home time’ over and over again and her words have never been more sincere because once discovered, you’ll find yourself leaving the confines of your home time and time again to lose yourself in the glorious wonder of ‘Home to you’.

Reward is out on Mexican Summer on May 24

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