New song: Outer Spaces – I See Her Face

Saddle Creek’s Document Series has unearthed its fair share of gems but none bigger than Outer Spaces. Today Cara Beth Satalino, the IRL name of Outer Spaces, follows up her Saddle Creek single with ‘I See Her Face’, the first taste from the upcoming album ‘Gazing Globe.’

Propelled by a wraithlike guitar riff, ‘I See Her Face’ coasts, rattling along at a nice enough pace without ever breaking the speed limit. There are instrumental flourishes here and there – fluttering keyboards and plugging bass – but Satalino never goes overboard, trusting the song’s gentle thrum to propel the listener through.

Satalino’s voice has rich tones drawing comparisons with Angel Olsen and Sharon Van Etten, while her lyrics are likely to provoke a light titter: “The jug of wine seemed infinite / well baby I fell into it.” Most of the songs on Gazing Globe are written from the perspective of another version of herself; ‘I see her face is’ an optimistic version of herself waiting in the shadows. We’re excited to meet Satalino’s various selfs though she alone is more than enough.

Gazing Globes is out on Western Vinyl on June 28

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