Video premiere: smalfeels

Confined in a small London flat, the now Athens-based Nikos Yiannakakis dreamed of big open spaces. Without the means to get somewhere bigger – I mean, who in London does? – he decided to make worlds of his own, submerging himself in his own coaxing soundscapes.

Sharing the same name as his project, ‘smalfeels’ opens with a bluesy lilting riff before Nikos’ warbling vocal, which shares traits with Alt-J’s Joe Newman, arrives. Soon the song reduces to just finger-clicks and a hollow tom pre-empting Nikos to sing ‘now it’s my turn to show off mine’ with a sinister, blood-curdling intonation. ‘smalfeels’ is like lying in a relaxingly warm bath, your skin burning every few minutes as the tap above you releases a rare drop of scolding water. It’s an enchanting first taste from his debut EP ‘Indoors / Outdoors’.

The video is no less deceiving. Like a bud coming into flower, it appears to show a sleepy head emerging from slumber until it transpires that your actually voyeuring upon an aerial yoga class. Sheets fold, limbs flail as the participants enjoy the space ‘smalfeels’ affords them to writhe in.

Indoors / Outdoors is out on Just Gazing records on May 30.

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