Album of the week: Miyha – World’s Biggest Crush

Miyha’s vocalist and songwriter, Alejandra Perez moved back in with her parents after a difficult break up in the summer of 2016. The following three years were her most fruitful songwriting years. In her brother’s old bedroom she poured the emotion of her break-up and other challenges life had thrown at her into song, so much so, that she often ended up in tears. Perez would then leave the bedroom to show them to her band mates Erik Fredine, Mike Pellino and Kyle Kohl who added meat to the bones.

The rhythm section produced brooding, sweltering soundscapes, while Perez’ lyrics lofted an aerosol can on top of the fire. Like Adrianne Lenker is to Big Thief, Perez is Miyha’s emotional anchor, her raw honesty breathing life into her band’s dense atmospheres. Perez draws from a rotating cast of characters for inspiration, in ‘Palm Trees’ you meet Nathan, the heavy drinker, and Christine whose busy doing laundry, while in ‘Lake Tahoe’ she introduces you to her father; ‘he’s got desert skin and dark eyes.’ She has the power to absolutely floor you, on closer ‘Raspberry Kombucha’ she sings “5am seems like a really good time to hurt someone you said you loved”, or tie rings around you with her multi-layered narratives. Perez admits herself that “each of the songs has an under layer of meaning not necessarily obvious to the listener.”

“World’s Biggest Crush is a look back at the times we thought we were very weak, but were really actually very tough. Moments were depression, stress, and other people felt like waves beating down on top of us as we struggled to get to the surface. World’s Biggest Crush is about getting to the surface” Perez explains beautifully. With World’s Biggest Crush, Miyha has whipped up a violent storm of emotion, run into its’ rain.

World’s Biggest Crush is out now on Heavy Meadow Records.

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