New song: Crumb – Ghostride

Over a guitar that unravels like twine, and muted drums, Crumb frontwoman Lila Ramani expunges a slew of monosyllabic, off-hand observations. ‘Ghostride’, from their forthcoming full-length ‘Jinx’, begins with Ramani people-watching from the leather upholstery of a taxi backseat – “press my face up closer to the glass, I see the people when they pass, they move so automatic” she muses wryly. In the next scene she’s idling in bed, “Lazy day, I’m so hungry, you melt me like a candle.” Ramani releases these one-liners from a state of malaise, her sardonic tone unknowingly drawing you in.

There’s no end to the story, just a patchwork of occurrences that lead nowhere.  Like heirs Jarvis Cocker, Alex Turner and heiresses Frankie Cosmos and Florist, Ramani is a master of observation, accepting of the fact that our life events often have no ending other than the ultimate one.

Jinx is out on June 14

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