New song: Dude York – Falling

Our teenage years are spent in a state of total immersion. Love is usually the cause. Consumed completely by our search for love and an overwhelming desire for sex, we’re predisposed to count any shared interest – ordering the same thing from the takeaway, obsessing over the same artist, repeatedly watching the same film – as a sure sign of love.

That naivety, desperation and confusion are overflowing on Dude York’s new single – the title track from their forthcoming album ‘Falling’. Dude York’s Claire England spends the verses battling with internal questions – “We used to like all the same shit, do you think we’d be friends in 2006?” – and obsessing over any shared interests she can latch onto, “that song means everything to me.” By the time we reach the chorus England is preoccupied by what love might feel like, “I was starting to think that it would be when passion lines up with practicality, but I secretly hoped, the way it happened to me, there’d be no doubt it’d feel like falling.”

There’s a sense of longing here, but the driving drums, pulsating guitar and lightning synths stop you from lingering. A gleeful pop-punk throwback to those messy, light-headed years.

Falling is out on Hardly Art on July 26

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