Album of the week: Siobhan Wilson – The Departure

Siobhan Wilson has moved about a lot in her 23 years. Born in Arbroath and raised in Elgin, Siobhan moved to Paris at 18 before returning to Glasgow, where she currently resides, five years later. Siobhan breathes out that swirl of cultures on The Departure, and it makes for a divergent, fragmented listen.

The variation in the first two songs just goes to show Wilson’s aptitude for diversity. The title track sees her sing over fidgeting keys that could soundtrack the whirl of a carousel, while ‘Marry You’ is the album’s most straight out rock and roll song. 

It’s core is darker than any of Wilson’s previous work. ‘Unconquerable’, which features fellow Scot Honeyblood, broods hauntingly before finishing with frenetic strums of the guitar, while ‘All Dressed Up Tonight (Better Than I Ever Did With You)’ features scuzzy, shoegaze guitars.

‘The Departure’ is also a record of self realisation. Wilson is confident, independent and shunning of the confines set by society. April, a middle finger at rape culture, encourages women to avoid the societal expectations of what you ‘should be’ and to simply focus on ‘just being.’

Whether it’s moving around or crowdfunding for this vinyl release, Wilson has always done things her own way. Spiritually and physically she’ll always have vagabond tendencies, but as the noise around her music increases she’s set to receive a number of more traditional offers. Whatever she decides to do next, it’s sure to be compelling. An artist well-and-truly on the up. 

The Departure is out now on Suffering Fools Records

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