Premiere: noid – paradiselost

Awakening from your slumber, you look out of the window to see a bird take its’ first flight of the day, circling against a backdrop of crumbling white cliffs. Japan’s noid provide the perfect soundtrack for these kind of scenes. They make music that is massive, glacial and earth-shifting. Today we premiere their first ever release on Trapped Animal Records, new single ‘paradiselost.’

Opening with just acoustic guitars and slumberous synth, the song starts with a tremor before ever so slowly escalating into a ground-swallowing eruption. Centred by a Sigur Ros-like vocal and dreamlike, fluttering keys, ‘paradiselost’ takes flight when hymnal backing vocals and stargazing guitar riffs take the song up a notch or ten. As the song closes, the lead singer’s vocal transform into a wail and the drums perforate, entering a whole new stratosphere. Epic.

‘paradise lost’ is out on Trapped Animal Records, &Records and Cargo Records on May 17.

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