New song: Stef Chura – Sweet Sweet Midnight

‘Sweet Sweet Midnight’, the final single from Stef Chura’s forthcoming album ‘Midnight’, is her strongest yet. While the previous singles ‘Method Man’ and ‘They’ll Never’ had Will Toledo aka Car Seat Headrest on production duties, this time Chura invites Toledo to move from behind the mixing desk and join her up front.

In spite of his bristling guitars and wonderfully languorous vocals, Chura is the star here. At the outset she sounds as cool as Chrissie Hynde once did on The Pretenders’ ‘Brass In Pocket’, before spiralling out of control taking on the primal, incessant tones of Patti Smith.

Speaking about the song, Chura says “I’m usually dealing with the content of what I can’t say or haven’t said. A kind of spiritual bondage that I would say most people, probably a lot of female bodied ones, put themselves through.” Chura breaks free of these bonds with “Sweet Sweet Midnight” and on top of hers’ and Toledo’s fraught, ball busting instrumentation, she sounds ready to insight a mutiny. Watch out, Chura’s coming.

Midnight is out on Saddle Creek on June 7.

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