New song: Bedroom – Count To Five

The aptly named Bedroom makes music so personal and so homespun that you feel like you’re stood in his bedroom watching him play. Formed around a largely repetitive piano structure, Bedroom’s first single in five years, ‘Count to Five’ is so intimate it feels like it’s happening just yards away. That if you endeavored to, you could hear his bare feet slapping against the piano pedal just as you can hear him turn off the recorder at the song’s close.

Recorded with fellow Nashville songwriter German Error Message, our recent track-by-track guest, ‘Count to Five’ was written after Noah Kittinger, the IRL name of Bedroom, found himself in a hard place creatively, struggling to finish off any music. German Error Message makes his presence known on ‘Count to Five’, particularly when the shrill noise of a tape fast-forwarding makes its’ entrance.  

Layered vocals and marching drums make for a heart-swelling build up before the song caves in on itself leaving Kittinger’s faltering vocals alone, playing off against the discordant tones of his piano. A little wonder.

Count To Five is out now

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