New song: Florist – Shadow Bloom

Florist’s music has always been an imperishable source of solace for me. A body of work I can retreat into no matter whether I’m sad, tired, happy, or feeling cut adrift from the nature surrounding me. To me, it’s timeless, an endless reserve of water to drink from. With a new album, ‘Emily Alone, set to arrive this July, we’re ready to dive in again, ready to be swallowed from head to toe.

Meditative lead single ‘Shadow Bloom’ is simply sublime. The tender picking of guitar is overlapped gloriously by Emily A Sprague’s tranquil voice, unfurling a path to somewhere new, somewhere unknown. It’s a space that Sprague occupies alone, without her bandmates by her side, and it’s otherworldly, a kind of sprawling nature that causes emotion to swell in your stomach before, like marauding ants, it spreads unrelentingly across your whole being.

Of the song, Emily Sprague says “‘Shadow Bloom’ is a meditation on the mundanity and stillness of life during our greatest moments of growth and transition. It’s an appreciation for what is and not a lingering on what was or what will be. The calm after great pain, peace in the unknown, welcoming the darkness to come in and warmly fill the empty spaces inside of you.”

And ‘Shadow Bloom’ is that growth in microcosm. By the time Sprague reaches the final chorus, the lyrics change from ‘I don’t have the reasons why’ to ‘Oh what a special time, I can’t believe it happened at all.’ Alone, Emily is formidable, stronger and taller than ever before.

Emily Alone is out on Double Double Whammy on Friday July 26

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