Premiere: omes – wyd

Dreams are often elusive. Remnants of them seep into your brain until a foggy, fragmented picture starts to form. Bournemouth’s omes wonderfully distils that feeling with his entrancing, patchwork quilt-like soundscapes. Today we’re premiering his first ever single on Devil Town Tapes, ‘wyd’, the first taste from his forthcoming EP ‘boy.’

Based around seemingly vacuous conversations between omes and a subcontinental friend, which would often comprise of little more than ‘wyd’ ‘nothing u’, ‘wyd’ – the track title, not the question – characterises all that goes unspoken. Opening with ghostly, Hovvdy-like guitars – you can hear the pick scrape against the string – ‘wyd’s’ gates slowly open as the guitars start to unravel and the Bournemouth singer starts to ‘ooo’. The vocals and guitars never overpower one another, rather acting like individual instruments, existing peacefully alongside each other on the same playing field.

As an artist who uses phrases, paragraphs and poems written in notebooks as inspiration for songs, it’s no wonder that the lyrics, like the soundscapes, are splinter-like; “Tied up, lost out, Found it over there, ‘Hannah, What are you doing?’ ‘Nothing’” he sings. They’re ambiguous and elusive yet ambivalent enough to think answers lay underneath.

Of the song, omes says: “I have a friend who I have spoken to here and there for many years on gchat but we live in different time zones so rarely catch each other and often there are long stretches of the chat where we send ‘wyd’ ‘nothing, u?’ back and forth which seemed funny and sweet and became its own inside joke I guess. I feel like this happens in real life a lot as well. The song ‘wyd’ is kind of about that. It seems kind of ritualistic and repetitive in a pleasing way. Sort of like a meditation or koan or something. Or a mantra.”

Those conversations occasionally seem pointless but often they represent a basic reminder of someone’s presence, that fleeting knowledge there’s somebody out there thinking about you. A potent reminder of our mortality.

boy is out on Devil Town Tapes on June 28.

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