New song: Emily Isherwood – Silver Lake

A permanent fixture of the Bristol music scene, Emily Isherwood made quite the impact on the blogosphere with her single ‘Calibrate’ last March. Murmurings followed that winter would see the release of her debut EP or album yet the whispers never came to fruition.

Over a year on and we finally have that EP announcement, heralded by new single ‘Silver Lake.’ The unreal imagery within the title a sure sign of Isherwood’s desire to dream up imaginary worlds. You’d be wrong to write it off as yet another acoustic song with strings. Rather, ‘Silver Lake’ plots out a path of its own. The verses sound uneasy, stilted and quagmire-like before giving themselves up to the lush, resplendent chorus that fills the room with an effervescent light. It’s a song of sharp parallels, exemplified best by the cascading strings on the chorus and the distant, quivering guitar that haunts Isherwood’s hushed vocals in the verse. Intriguing stuff.  

Speaking about the song, Isherwood says: “Silver Lake It’s about losing the idea of defining oneself and finding peace in just living. I love the idea of living in a world that you can imagine up yourself, like having metaphorical pink tint glasses on your head that you just flip down when the world’s harshness overloads. I often find that following your own personal intuition, and ignoring the external fleet of differing opinions, can make life really quite great.”

Distant Television Studios is out on Breakfast Records on July 19. 

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