Video premiere: Swimming Bell – Got Things

With strumming guitars, a deep textured voice and an aptitude for nostalgia, ‘Got Things’ is the perfect accompaniment for a long drive through the countryside. A standout from Swimming Bell’s debut album ‘Wild Sight,’ ‘Got Things’ possesses an innate freedom that coaxes you into winding down the window and letting the wind blow through your hair as you watch field after field pass by in a blur.

Opening with handclaps and a voice howling in the background that’s reminiscent of Sigur Ros, ‘Got Things’ soon gives into Katie Schottland’s sumptuous voice and her rich, strums of the guitar. Though the instruments used are traditional and basic, Swimming Bell push them to their limits achieving a full, swelling sound that inhabits you entirely. Originally written while sitting on the edge of her bed, it’s a wonder how Schottland created something so boundless from such humble beginnings. Stunning.

Wild Sight is out now on Adventure Records.

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