New song: American Poetry Club – Pro Pic

Pinegrove articulated that the love we have for friends we’ve lost touch with and new ones is often equal on ‘New Friends’. The anthemic album closer forms around the words ‘I resolve to make new friends / I liked my old ones / but I fucked up.’ The album starts with ‘Old Friends’ where Evan Stephens Hall sings ‘should tell my friends when I love them.’

Missouri group American Poetry Group carry this mantra into ‘Pro Pic’, the first single taken from forthcoming album ‘a little light of our own.’  Speaking of the song, lead singer J. C. Weinstock says: “The song is based off of a phone conversation I had with an old friend, one I hadn’t spoken to one on one in a while.  It’s an attempt to put into words that feeling of connection, the sense that no matter how long it’s been or how things had been left off, no one can take away the moments you’ve had with the important people in your life, whatever those might be.  People come in and out, relationships evolve, lives change, and that isn’t a bad thing.  That’s just how it is, the song is about my attempting to come to terms with that, so that these events don’t feel like a loss, instead becoming a marker of something beautiful that was and gives you hope for what might be.”

Weirdly they don’t sound a million miles from Pinegrove either, Weinstock occasionally sounding like Stephens Hall and their guitars resembling an unrushed stroll through the city. The difference though is the glorious, glorious brass that floats like a helicopter search light over the humans below. Weinstock is also not averse to flying off the hook, his voice self-destructing in fits of passion that sees saliva fly everywhere. The song ends simply with Weinstock declaring “I’m glad you were my friend.” American Poetry Club are proudly sentimental, they get all their sloppy, infatuated feelings across in mammoth doses. Clutch them to your heart.

a little light of our own is out now on It Takes Time Records

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