My pet: Annabel Allum

Welcome to ‘My pet’, a new Balloon Machine feature where artists and bands tell us all about their furry companions. I have a little Patterdale called Clover, so this feature unites my two true loves – sorry, not sorry.

Launching this new feature is Annabel Allum, a songwriter from Guildford who fuses punk and folk. Her new single ‘You Got It Good’ showcases her unique ability to form a smooth surface with rough edges; the single having gained numerous plays on BBC Radio 1.

Having just finished a tour with genuine hero Liz Phair, Allum is here to tell us all about her long haired miniature Daschund, Milo. Hit up his Instagram @milo_magic.

Ah, my boy Milo. He’s a long haired miniature dachshund, and a very cheeky chap indeed. He’s just reached the 18 month mark, and so this past year together had been hectic- but the best of my life! 

I’ve always been around animals from a very young age, there’s always been dogs in the home and I spent a lot of time on farms whilst my mum cared for the horses. One of my greatest childhood memories is feeding a baby lamb out a bottle at the age of around 6. We’d be free to roam the farm and do as we please which was great at that age, so animals have always been a solid and important part of mine and my brothers life. 

Back to Milo. The story goes that one day I agreed to go and collect a miniature dachshund from up north with Louise (usually found driving the tour van & selling merch!) for her Mother. She’d always wanted a companion dog and a dachshund was going to be perfect. Anyway, Milo was the last of the litter and we decided Louise’s mum wouldn’t mind two, especially when he was this cute! Perhaps a joyous plan in itself from the breeder to bring him out and let us fall in love with him so that’s what we did. It wasn’t until later that Louise’s mum decided she couldn’t manage two and there was no way we could send him back. So I offered to have him. And that’s the story! 

He’s a very needy boy, he’s sat on my lap right now, nudging me with his nose for attention as I write this! I love him so much, there really is nothing better than coming home after a long day and being greeted by his waggy tale and luscious locks to nuzzle into. He’s basically just an alive teddy bear! I truly think the impact an animal can have on your mental health is the best kinda drug. 

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hi guys hope ur enjoying ur Saturday! 🌞

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Touring with a Milo can prove difficult sometimes. I’m fortunate enough to have my mum who looks after him at the drop of a hat. She has four hounds herself! 3 petit Bassett griffin vondeens, and a Spanish rescue who has a few different breeds in him. He loves being in a big pack so it’s great for him. It’s nice to see him interact with other dogs other than being petrified, too! I’d love to be able to bring Milo on the road with me in the future. Maybe when he’s a bit older and a little less mischievous.  You can get doggy ear defenders now too – perfect! 

You Got It Good is out now on Killing Moon Records

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