New song: Vagabon – Flood Hands

Vagabon’s electronic talents lingered in the shadows of her debut album ‘Infinite Words’, opting instead to put guitar-driven melodies front and centre. On new single ‘Flood Hands,’ the first taste from forthcoming album ‘All The Women In Me’, Laetitia Tamko brings it to the fore, merging carousel-like synths with a venomous bass evocative of James Blake. Tamko’s voice is like a pole-vaulter, rising suddenly and falling dramatically, tuning into that idiosyncratic baritone she’s so well-known for. Indeed ‘Flood Hands’ is one of the best showcases for her vocal gymnastics yet. It’s a song packed with moments – dramatic drums that sound like they’re going to bang through your door any moment, an infectious chorus that leaves you powerless and that slinky, killer bass line. It’s bolder than anything she’s done before. A lead single that sees our excitement reach fever-pitch for the forthcoming record. 

All The Women In Me is out 27 September on Nonesuch Records

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