Album of the week: Flying Fish Cove – En Garde

After hearing ‘At Moonset’, Flying Fish Cove’s debut album, earlier this year, we couldn’t help but fall hopelessly in love with the Seattle quartet. With its jangling guitars and breezy soundscapes, ‘At Moonset’ laid out a sprawling island of joys in front of our love-struck eyes. We lost ourselves in it entirely. News of an almost immediate follow up with EP, ‘En Garde’, could not have sounded sweeter to our ears.

‘En Garde’ sees Flying Fish Cove affirm themselves as true purveyors of sugar rush, escapist pop. It’s the sound of pure infatuation, a wet under the ears teenager falling recklessly in love. The lush soundscape of opener ‘No Ending’ sets the scene, particularly when lead singer Dena Zilber wryly states ‘that’s not punk’ with the wink of the eye. The title track is irrepressible, akin to what walking like air must feel like; the glorious, celebratory ending leaving you high.  ‘Andrew and Allie’ recalls Zilber’s favourite movie kiss, while closer ‘Embarking’ is little more than a drum machine and tinkling synths with Zilber’s voice laid over the top. 

It’s another entry point into Flying Fish Cove’s magical, logic-defying paradise. Escapism isn’t something you tire of, and with the state of things as they are, we need as many get-outs as possible. Flying Fish Cove have never been so essential. 

En Garde is out now on Jigsaw Records and Lost Sound Tapes

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