New song: Cat Apostrophe – January

The strive for perfection is real right now. Adverts for the perfect bikini body line our streets while our TV screens are dominated by toned women and hulk-like men relaxing around a pool in Majorca. The similarities to ‘January’, the subject matter for Cat Apostrophe’s lead single from their debut album ‘Lifelong Amateurism’, when blog pages fill up with fad diets and gym memberships go through the roof is uncanny. With ‘January’, the Yorkshire group struggle through that new year worthlessness in style.

They term their music style as ‘radically soft pop’ and when the coasting bass and thrumming guitar partner so perfectly, not unlike a slow train and freshly cut country fields, you can’t help but agree. ‘I am worth more / than they all tell me’ rallies singer Kirsty Fife, emboldening herself as she stares in the mirror. By the time the chorus come she’s reclaimed the power, the instruments swelling along with her confidence. It might be called ‘January’ but let’s be honest, you’re going to need this all year round. The marketers never stop. Let’s hope Cat Apostrophe stick it to them forever more!

Cat Apostrophe release ‘Lifelong Amateurism’ on Everything Sucks Music on January 19. Ahead of that, they support GHUM at our inaugural ‘Balloon Machine presents’.

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