New song: Long Beard – Sweetheart

Long Beard aka Leslie Bear returned this week after four years of silence. Newly signed to Double Double Whammy, Long Beard’s new single ‘Sweetheart’ – the first from her forthcoming sophomore record ‘Means To Me‘– is boundless, a passenger stepping off a plane, a place completely new to them expanding out from their feet.

The chimey lead guitar has depths unknown, its textures ladled in enough water to drown in. Bear’s voice meanwhile has you swooning from the off, her fragmentary-like lyrics giving enough space for you to fill in the gaps – “I think of you way too often / looking out of every window I can” she muses. About a person Bear lost touch with, ‘Sweetheart’ is fuelled by the warm fuzz of nostalgia, it’s glow potentially casting a greater light than her old friend deserved.  Bear stretches her legs at the song’s close, the instrumentation taking centre stage as the guitar and synths effortlessly weave in and out. Nostalgia and its warped memory is a tough topic to navigate yet Long Beard does it with ease. A master navigator.

Means To Me is out September 09 on Double Double Whammy.

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