My pet: Amber (Foundlings)

While their early singles might’ve shown Foundlings as purveyors of summery jangly pop, they proved themselves to be masters of many things on the following EP. That self-titled EP shifts style effortlessly, from the infectious guitar riffs of ‘Caught Up On You’ to the angular, post-punk of ‘Busan.’ This ability to genre-shift is testimony to the democracy innate to the band, each member’s style and influences just ingredients that make for an irresistible cocktail.

Foundlings’ lead singer Amber navigates these ever-changing soundscapes with ease, her voice sounding assured and decisive, whether its atop industrial-sounding grunge or devastating indie pop. Today though Amber isn’t gracing our pages to speak about her incredible band, but instead to tell us about her seven year old Tabby, Amélie. In the second edition of ‘My Pet’, Amber describes Amélie’s positive impacts on her mental impact, Amélie‘s close shaves with death and much more. Read on!  

“I got Amélie – I named her after a french film because I was a pretentious teenager – just after I left home. My boyfriend of the time suggested getting a cat, however, he soon jogged on and I was left lumbered with the thing! I wouldn’t change it for the world though.

Amélie is now seven years old but when she was a kitten she used to run up the walls and curtains and sit on top of the curtain poll for ages. You’d have to tempt her down with treats. She’s always loved a box and will try and get in anything square shaped even though she’s quite chub and definitely doesn’t fit in some boxes – she’ll always give it a good go though. In her time she’s definitely gotten through her nine lives; she’s fallen out the window twice when we’ve had them wide open in the summer – we live on the second floor and it’s quite a drop, so I was really concerned and worried about her, but she was absolutely fine.

When I get home, Amélie greets me by rubbing up against my legs. It’s quite cute but it’s definitely more of a “give me some food plz” than genuine affection. I find cats very homely and calming, a lot more so than dogs, even though I love dogs too. There’s something very cosy about seeing a cat curled up on the sofa on a rainy day whilst whilst you’re reading a book and having a cuppa. 

As a family we’ve had pets my whole life. I remember there being a lot of cats about when I was younger, especially one called Skipper who couldn’t miaow, bless him, because he had something wrong with his vocal chords, so he used to make this rather creepy whispering noise. We then got a dog called Spangle, who was a tibetan terrier and absolutely nuts. We lived in a very small terraced house at the time and she was really energetic and used to zoom round the house. My overriding memory is of her bouncing about 12ft in the air and generally being ridiculous. I also went through a period of having stick insects, that was an odd choice, I don’t think that phase lasted long!

When I’m on tour with Foundlings, my family, who live close by, pop around to give her food and water. That is pretty much all she needs. The saying “cats don’t have owners, they have staff” is very true when it comes to Amélie.” 

Foundlings is out now on Last Night From Glasgow

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