Album of the week: Lilith – Safer Off

Made by three best friends who met at a band camp, Lilith’s debut album ‘Safer Off’ is the sound of a lasting friendship built on patience, knowledge and intimacy. So comfortable are the trio in one another’s company that each band member is able to express their musicianship without fear. An artistic freedom that has resulted in a record endowed with its very own style. The clarity of their vision and its successful conveyance not dissimilar from The XX’s debut album. 

As a record it quite simply strolls, a pedestrianised road equipped with traffic calming measures. It’s dazed weightlessness can act as both a comfort blanket on a Winter’s evening or the soundtrack to kids running from class at the sound of the bell. Opener ‘Vacation’ is an outlier, its rambunctious rock and fire riffs not a true sign of what’s around the corner.  Instead you’re met with the near percussion-less ‘Garden,’ the luxuriant ‘oohs’ of ‘Lines Align’ and the instrumental piano of closer ‘Coward (Reprise)’

Hannah Luizzo’s vocals calmly resonate, never exploding beyond the confines of their relaxed soundscapes. Liuzzo uses ‘Safer Off’ as a vehicle for processing, working through her insecurities, the questions left tantalisingly in the air by lovers. She never really comes to any conclusions but succeeds in airing her inner thoughts, expelling them from her conscience. As a listener it works perfectly, you only get a slither of information allowing you to add your own experiences or make your own conclusions.

We could excavate the depths of ‘Safer Off’ forever and you will, it’s addictive boundlessness will draw you in for listen after listen. It’s a reliable friend offering tranquility and escapism, perfect to turn to in these times of uncertainty. You’ll become tight with it, joint at its hip, as inseparable as the friendship that spawned it.

Safer Off is out now on Disposable America and Take This to Heart Records

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