New song: Cross Wires – Paradise Club 1953

Instilled with the bawdy angst of a Joy Division live recording, Cross Wires’ ‘Paradise Club 1953’ is a swaggering signal of intent from the East London four-piece. The bass riff jousts with the high wire-like electric guitar in the song’s opening, granting lead singer Johnathon Chapman space to posture and flex his muscles. The riffs drop out soon, just a strum of the guitar and Chapman’s voice standing in their place, before the drums snap into action as the track moves up a gear. Above this now rollicking pace, Chapman bellows “I don’t care for you I promise.” The song continues to switch up and down in tempo, the expectation palpable amongst listeners for the next onslaught. ‘Paradise Club 1953’ sees Cross Wires join fellow Londoners GHUM as yet another band worthy of swelling the ranks in the post-punk genre. It’s been a bright year for post-punk and a bright future awaits both these incredible bands.

Cross Wires release debut album ‘A Life Extinct’ on Culture War Records this October.

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