New song: Soot Sprite – Bleed

Soot Sprite’s ‘Bleed’ is a breezy pop song darkened by an encroaching, ominous undercurrent. Originally a solo project for singer/guitarist, Elise Cook, ‘Bleed’ is their first release as a full, collaborative band, and an intriguing taster of ‘Sharp Tongue’ – their forthcoming EP on Specialist Subject Records.

A start of shimmering, shoegaze-like guitars is soon overthrown by contorting, jousting riffs slicing one another in half. The lyrics are no less fierce, Cook’s plainspoken barbs evocative of Courtney Barnett at her most cutting, ‘I don’t trust someone / Who speaks your name all wrong’ she sings. The chorus may be an attempt to save a loved one from a damaging friendship, yet in sound it’s hedonistic, the punching drums and synths baiting you into an ostensible elation.

That bubbling undercurrent soon bursts its banks, the inbuilt tension of sadness protracted throughout exhaling with doom-laden guitars and an onslaught of percussion. It’s a relief more than a disaster though, Cook expounding what she’s wanted to say all along and reveling in the resulting joy.  

Sharp Tongue is out 11th October on Specialist Subject Records

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