New song: Great Grandpa – Mono no Aware

Built around a frankly anthemic chorus, Great Grandpa’s ‘Mono no Aware’ – the first taste from sophomore record ‘Four of Arrows’ – is a contemplation on the fleeting nature of memory. Led by warm, wistful guitars, ‘Mono no Aware’ also has Bon Iver-like electronics in the shadows – their spirit-like presence personifying the fragmented, childhood memories that haunt us in the present day. Alex Menne’s vocal is reminiscent of Frankie Cosmos and a highlight of the track, particularly when they deliver a rousing vocal with just a singular straining synth in tow. “That reminds me of my failing grasp / of the present memory” they lament. These childhood memories play a huge role in our lives, yet our very human inability to recapture them prevents us from working through them. With ‘Mono no Aware’, Great Grandpa capture that universal frustration in song, a permanent art-form to turn to when frustrated with the impermanence of life.

Four of Arrows is out October 25 on Big Scary Monsters (UK) and Double Double Whammy (US)

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