New song: Dry Cleaning – Goodnight

Dry Cleaning were a highlight of Greenman 2019. The dead-eyed look of singer, or more accurately speaker, Florence Shaw as she delivered her lyrical tirade – comprised of overhead conversations, YouTube comments and adverts – paired with the band’s wiry, fraught riffs almost chainsawed the stage in half. 

‘Goodnight’, the opening song from their debut EP ‘Sweet Princess’, is perhaps the group’s most direct song. The lyrics are not something you’d associate with a singer who is a university lecturer and picture researcher by day – “Now have you ever spat cum on to the carpet of a travel lodge?” she snarls. The lyrics, atop the trampoline-like bass and rolling drums, get no less PG, “You stole my childhood CDs, you fuck”. With instrumentation like this and a singer capable of embodying such detachment whilst delivering some of the hardest hitting lyrics of recent times, Dry Cleaning are set to be something very special indeed.

Sweet Princess is out now on It’s OK

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