My Pet: Alessi’s Ark

For the fourth edition of ‘My Pet’, Alessi Laurent-Marke, the brain behind the ethereal Alessi’s Ark, tells us about her Labradors Saxon and Shadow. She wholesomely writes about their love for walnuts, digging and birthday cake below:

“Pets have always played a hugely important role in my life. My Aunt has always had cats and they’ve been pretty curious and erratic but her late cat, Max, was a beautiful soul. His sister Mindy is still fighting fit and very affectionate. My friend Jake has a gorgeous dog, Dragon, and though I haven’t seen him for sometime as they live in Los Angeles, meeting him as a pup inspired me to write ‘The Dog’ on my first album ‘Notes from the Treehouse’. Such a friendly, loyal, loving creature! Another friend, Donna, had an incredible dog named Jasper, who had a healing spirit for sure. His loving heart seemed to radiate from his feet and one afternoon, he sat on my feet, warming them up when I felt very low. I’ve never forgotten any of these  incredible animals.

I’ve always wanted a pet for as long as I can remember. My parents both grew up with dogs and my Mum even had a budgie for a little while, but as they grew up they both developed strong allergies, and so pets for my sister and I were out of the question though we all love animals. My partner/bandmate has two beautiful, black labradors and so through our families coming together, I now have two brother labs.

The aforementioned Labradors are called Shadow and Saxon.  Shadow is 11 years old, loves digging and relaxing in muddy corners of the garden, chewing sticks, eating walnuts, being stroked and swimming in the sea. Saxon is eight and has an insatiable need for cuddles, snacks and physical contact…if a stroke stops for even a few seconds, he’ll look over and imply that he needs an hour or two more of stroking at the very least. He is very protective of his dad and he loves sleeping on our shoes. He has been known to eat a whole loaf of bread and half a birthday cake when left unattended.

Saxon greets you by rushing to bring his donkey or duck to the door, while Shadow comes over for a stroke in a more composed manner, but very happily all the same. Shadow isn’t one to rush unless you have a ball or a stick.

They make me feel immeasurably happy. We love sleeping with them in the room – they are like big, loud breathing, furry man-dog-babies. They are both hilarious and unaware of their grace. They star in our new video for our upcoming single ‘Sacred’ and are regular features on our socials.”

Alessi’s Ark new single ‘Sacred’ is out September 27

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