Video premiere: Elk

Elk performs ‘Avenue’ live on Brighton seafront in this beautiful, exclusive video.

Taken from his album ‘Beech’, ‘Avenue’ perhaps most closely reflects the album’s subject matter. Named after Elk’s former family home on Beech Avenue, the place where he and his family lived for the longest period of time, ‘Avenue’ re-imagines the memories made in those walls, singing “Will you sleep in my childhood bed? / Kiss me goodnight?”

The garish, dancing lights of Brighton pier are in firm opposition to the tranquil performance below. Joey Donnelly’s (Elk) unfurling guitar picks and ethereal voice sounding above the surf of the sea. Seagulls squawk above, the location and performance joining together to make something unique, something unforgettable. 

Elk plays Balloon Machine Presents 2 alongside Merival and Robbie Thompson this Thursday (12 September)

‘Beech’ is out now on Bad Paintings

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