New song: Friendship – Clairvoyant

In ‘Clairvoyant’, Friendship have summoned an aura which settles healingly over you. It’s an outer-body experience, its glorious to-and-fro of mournful, whalesong-like synths, restrained guitars and tender drums transporting you to calmer, sun-dappled waters. A thank you note to a friend who offered support during a tough period, ‘Clairvoyant’ reduces to just a guitar before the chorus, the misery felt by singer/songwriter Dan Wriggins reflected in the withdrawal of instruments. The chorus is instantly memorable, Wriggins singing, “You asked if I’d been crying lately / I said “how can you tell?” / You said “I’m clairvoyant, baby” – the last line is particularly anthemic. The format of the song doesn’t err in the remainder, the band conscious that any other additions would distil the effect. ‘Clairvoyant’ gets its claws into you and pries you open. You’re left vulnerable but ultimately, stronger for it. 

‘Clairvoyant’ is the lead single from Friendship’s forthcoming full-length ‘Dreamin’, out November 8 on Orindal Records. Pre-order it here.

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