New song: Sour Widows – Pilot Light

Formed only last year, Sour Widows’ debut single ‘Tommy’ was suggestive of a band who had been perfecting their craft much longer. Today, they release ‘Pilot Light’, an effortlessly cool follow-up. A tightly-wound, prodding guitar provides a playground for singer Maia Sinaiko to exude a Faye Webster-like assuredness over, “My pilot light glows blue / Every time I think a stranger looks like you”, they sing off-handedly. That sheen is blasted off with the fraught, angst ridden chorus; their more passionate vocal now offset against ear-bleeding guitars. This ability to transition from cool to dishevelled on request is just further proof that Sour Widows are amongst 2019’s best new bands. Their forthcoming self-titled EP will set that view in concrete. Trust us.

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  1. […] ‘Pilot Light’, the EP’s most immediate track, impacted us so much when we first heard it that we hailed Sour Widows as one of our best new bands. We couldn’t have predicted that the rest of the EP’s tracks would actually surpass ‘Pilot Light’, that they’d transcend further, that they’d endure longer, that they’d lift us onto another plane entirely. ‘Sour Widows’ is a document of growth, of personal growth, of professional growth, of friends growing closer together. Cherish its every moment.   […]


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