New song: Robbie Thompson – Above Us All the Devil is Laughing

Robbie Thompson’s new single ‘Above Us All The Devil Is Laughing’ is indicative of a man wise beyond his years. Joined by a full band for the first time who bring punching snares and feedback-laden guitars to the party, Thompson sounds no smaller, still asserting his command over a bigger sound. His wearied, husky vocal is the sound of a man that’s lived, as are his words, a hopeless yet humorous contemplation on the pointlessness of life. While he does consider life’s daily battles pointless, he thinks that ‘maybe the real purpose is to find meaning and connection in each battle.’ “At the end of it all / What’s it matter?” He concludes at the song’s end, before the band take him up on his frivolous offer, indulging themselves in one final ‘rock out’, because hey, why not? An artist with a bright, if pointless, future ahead. 

‘Above Us All The Devil Is Laughing’ is out now on Pigeon Hands Recordings.

Tour Dates:

Fri 20/09 Bishops House, Sheffield

Sat 21/09 Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds

Sun 22/09 Grayston Unity, Halifax (Matinee)

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