New song: Rosie Tucker – Ambrosia

With a title like ‘Ambrosia’, you may envision Rosie Tucker’s new single as a joyful, pop-punk tribute to their favourite sweet treat. Yet, this is Tucker at their most vulnerable. Indeed, it’s more somber than anything from their debut album ‘Never Not Never Not Never Not’, which we hailed as one of 2019’s greatest guitar albums earlier this year.

While drums do eventually join for a triumphant finish, this is mostly just Tucker and the mournful strokes of their guitar. “I am older every second than I’ve ever been” they contemplate, looking their mortality in the eye. They capture the empathy and compassion that Palehound showed for friends and lovers on most recent album ‘Black Friday’. “You’ve got money stress so I pick up the check / I check my balance as I lean to one side” they sing, recalling an instance where they cast aside their own money worries to save a friend from embarrassment and scarcity. The floodlight gleam of the chorus tingles all the senses, clearing your head of all thoughts for a rare moment of total immersion. ‘Ambrosia’ is proof in the pudding that Tucker can inspire awe no matter what genre they lend their hand to.

Ambrosia is out now on New Professor Records.

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