New song: Coral – find me wrong

Coral’s debut single ‘find me wrong’ is as fragile as an insect navigating a busy footpath; one accidental stomp away from disintegration. Formed around a reeding guitar, the track almost feels perilous, as if you could fall in the silence that lies between each pluck. Sharing characteristics with Tomberlin, ‘find me wrong’ is tender and riddled with emotion. For the most part, she despairs at her friend’s refusal to view her as a love interest, “somehow you only saw me as a friend”. Yet at its conclusion, she turns the anger inward, searching for inadequacies in the mirror – “Why did you find me that wrong?” She soars. A songwriter able to summon all your emotions no matter how minimal the soundscape. 

‘find me wrong’ is out now on Feverish

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