New song: Wished Bone – Trees We Couldn’t Tell The Size Of

Following last year’s infectiously light ‘Cellar Belly’, Wished Bone, the folk project of Ashley Rhodus, returned this autumn with the announcement of forthcoming album ‘Sap Season’. Following up ‘Hold Me’, ‘Trees We Couldn’t Tell The Size Of’ is the second single from the record.

The naive curiosity inherent in the song’s title permeates the entire track, its gentle lilt reminiscent of aimless walks through country lanes, snatching white dandelions out of the ground and blowing their petals away. Rhodus’ thoughts lean towards the existential, from questioning the size of things to questioning the kind of person she is, “Am I the kind of girl you marry?”, she sings over a toned-down trumpet and bouncing toms. While its instrumentation may be rooted in the light, the words belong in the grey – the precarious in-between that exists between black and white.

‘Sap Season’ is out November 1

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