New song: Lazy Day – Real Feel

The brainchild of Tilly Scantlebury, London’s Lazy Day have followed up their ‘Letters’ EP with new single ‘Real Feel’.

Their most angsty, most visceral track yet, ‘Real Feel’ sees Scantlebury take on her inner voice with brute force. With her voice right out front on the mix, Scantlebury howls “but you always blame me / for the way you feel”, her vocals ducking and diving as she lands punch after punch on her self-conscience. In a way not too dissimilar from Porridge Radio’s Dana Margolin, Scantlebury is bawling in one moment then sounding as cool as ice in the next. Vocally it’s her best performance so far, and her band match her every move, the guitar reverberating fiercely and the drums punching relentlessly. “Forwards, forwards, forwards for me” she sings in the song’s climax. And if ‘Real Feel’ is anything to go by, they’re moving in that direction extremely swiftly. Don’t blink. 

Of the song Scantlebury says, “‘Real Feel’ is about being pushed and pulled between the past and the present, and between being sad and feeling hopeful. I find it scary how much control your past has over you and your future, so a lot of these lyrics deal with this fear of being dragged backwards. Ultimately though, this song feels like a reminder to myself to not let things get in the way of being happy, and to keep moving forwards.”  

Tour dates: 

Oct 10th | Dublin, IE – The Sound House
Oct 11th | Belfast, UK – McHugh’s Basement Bar
Oct 12th | Glasgow, UK – Tenement Trail
Oct 19th | Norwich, UK – Wild Paths Festival
Oct 31st | Guildford, UK – Boileroom &
Nov 1st | Brighton, UK – Hope & Ruin &
Nov 2nd | Leicester, UK – The Cookie &
Nov 7th | Birmingham, UK – Sunflower Lounge %
Nov 8th | Manchester, UK – Jimmy’s %
Nov 9th | Liverpool, UK – Sound Basement %

& = w/ Wych Elm
% = w/ Junodream

‘Real Feel’ is out now on Weird Cool Records

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