New Song: Julien Baker – Tokyo

There are few artists able to command your attention so entirely as Julien Baker. Whatever household task your involved in, her voice sounding from your speakers instantly stops you in your tracks, the washing you’re carrying instantly becoming weightless. 

Her new single ‘Tokyo’ – part of the Sub Pop singles series – is no different. Her voice is as hair-rising as ever; instantly you feel as if you’re in the same room as her. The subject matter is typically sad too, mental torpor setting in as she reaches the Tokyo leg of her tour. “Don’t look / God it’s a mess” she sings of her mental state, as a theatrical snare joins her bristling guitar. A piano then swallows up the other instruments, her voice singing alone to it, before a shattering uplift of foundation-shaking drums and squalling vocals ensues. Then suddenly it’s gone. The room around you comes back into focus as you remember that the laundry in your hands needs loading into the washing machine.  

Tokyo is out now on ‘Sub Pop’

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