New Song: JFDR – Taking A Part of Me

A huge Balloon Machine favourite, JFDR (Jófríður Ákadóttir) is the only artist I’ve made two separate five hour round-trips to London to see. Having only released one album under her JFDR moniker, Ákadóttir is perhaps more known for her work as Pascal Piñon, her folk-infused project with twin sister Ásthildur,  and Samaris, an electronic project with two fellow Icelanders. In all Jófríður Ákadóttir has made eight albums in the eight years since she was 15.

‘Taking A Part of Me’ is the first single from her as yet unnamed second JFDR album, due next year. Her songs rarely follow traditional paths, and ‘Taking A Part of Me’ is no different, entering the arena with a throbbing, heartbeat-like drum beat. Ákadóttir’s hoarse, haunting vocal soon takes centre stage, singing “Thank you for taking me higher”. Employing vocal effects, her voice transforms from deep to shallow, before the drums take on a Burial, garage-like tilt as Ákadóttir’s voice soars in a foundation-shaking crescendo. With ‘Taking A Part of Me’ JFDR shows that she’s still breaking new ground, still the first to take steps on new, as yet undiscovered, land. 

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