Five Right Now: Shhe

‘Five Right Now’ is a new series where musicians tells us about five current tracks they love.

First up, we have electronic musician Su Shaw, better known as Shhe. The Dundee-based act only had to release one single, ‘Eyes Shut’, to find herself signing a record deal with Björk’s label One Little Indian Records and opening for Kathryn Joseph on her UK tour.

On her self-titled debut, released October 11, Shhe announces herself as a constructor of atmospheres. Utilising stretched out synths and shimmering guitars, Shhe spawns sparse yet enticing soundscapes. Her songs are reminiscent of cool winter days, days when you can see your breath in the air, days when you need to take a scraper to your car window. Though ‘Shhe’ is a showcase of Shaw’s painstaking dedication to build sparse, hair-raising atmospheres, Shaw just as easily deconstructs them, throwing the odd spanner – a reverberating bass-laden synth, an outlandishly long outro – into the mix. This melting pot of attention to detail and fearlessness makes ‘Shhe’ an essential and irresistible listen. 

Check out Shhe’s ‘Five Right Now’ selections below:

Callum Easter – Tell ‘Em Boy

Everyone should go and see Callum Easter play live at least once. If you really want to get your head around what’s happening, I’d recommend going at least four times. ‘Tell ‘Em Boy’ [below] is from his debut album Here or Nowhere, which was released by the brilliant Lost Map Records earlier this year. It oozes with drowsy goodness. Those words don’t make much sense together. That’s kind of my point. 

Kathryn Joseph – Whole

I opened for Kathryn on her tour earlier this year and had that tour lasted forever, I honestly would not have minded. I’ve never seen anyone perform like her. It feels like a really great exorcism, every single time. There are not many artists like her. Her new song ‘Whole’ [below] is a good example of why we’re lucky to have her. 

Tommy Perman – Ephemerist Mist

Tommy is a Scottish artist, designer, musician and genius. He is also my favourite neighbour. Ephemeris Mist [below] is taken from his album Slow Emergent Arcs, which is a reimagining of the Modern Studies album, Welcome Strangers. This is the opening track and all 5:25 minutes deserve your full attention. 

Bossy Love – Up All Over Me

Bossy Love are one of the best bands you will ever see live. I have never seen anyone not dance at a Bossy Love show. Their debut album is out in October and if they are not headlining every festival by the time you read this, we owe them an apology. 

Free Love – Bones

Free Love are from Glasgow. Lewis and I used to be part of different music projects and would always play the same shows together. Then he disappeared for a while and reappeared as Free Love with Suzanne Roden. It’s my favourite incarnation of his. Bones [below] is taken from their new EP Extreme Dance Anthems. It’s energetic, unapologetic Eurodisco and it’s the only thing we all need right now. They also organise yoga and music nights in Glasgow as The Third Ear. Seek them out – but be specific, searching for them using only the words ‘free’ and ‘love’ will yield many results. 

‘Shhe’ is out now on One Little Indian

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