New Song: Grizzly Coast – High Functioning

When our friends and family think we’re at our happiest and most achieving, we’re often screaming internally. As humans we’ve evolved to hide our deepest insecurities  in the often irrational fear that they’d derail the high-esteem that friends and family hold us in. Toronto’s Alannah Kavanagh aka Grizzly Coast explores this strange paradox on ‘High Functioning’.

The subject matter is clear from the off, Kavanagh sarcastically singing “I’m killing it or so they say” over a jaunty-bass line. On the truly anthemic chorus, Kavanagh sings the track’s most relatable line, “I’m high functioning / But the night reveals to me my weakest link”.

The fatal combination of hiding her internal stresses and trying to look like she has everything under control, soon overwhelms Kavanagh, “with shaking knees / I drop down in the street” she recalls. The ending is forthright, the chorus repeating over and over again to create a cyclone-like power that sends the listener into a relentless whirlwind. Amidst the noise Kavanagh locates her epiphany, “You hold the key / That I’m worth something”. The realisation that the esteem her friends and family hold her in is often truer than the negative thoughts of her inner voice.  

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