Five Right Now: Great Grandpa

Great Grandpa released their second full-length ‘Four of Arrows’ on Friday (25 October). In our album of the week review, we said: “Four of Arrows’ is an unselfish album that doesn’t promise to fix us, but is invested in the we, in the fact that all of us are here and drenched in it together.” Read more.

Today the Seattle five-piece take part in ‘Five Right Now’ – a new series where musicians tells us about five current tracks they love. In typical Great Grandpa style, however, they don’t follow the rules and in fact tell us about seven tracks. Lucky you. 

Check out Great Grandpa’s ‘Five Right Now’ selections below:

Ever Ending Kicks – You Always Win

Ever Ending Kicks is one of those projects that I’ve had a spot in my heart for since the first time I listened. I remember a few winters ago somehow I got my hands on an EEK tape and listened to it on repeat whilst driving through the west coast snow. It was the most magical and scary listening driving my small Toyota Corolla through the dark snowy mountain side. Go peep Music World.

Another Michael – Land

Michael of Another Michael has one of the sweetest and gripping voices I’ve ever been blessed by. The first song I ever heard by AM was “football” and it was cry at first listen material. I cannot wait to see what this band has in store for all of us, it’s bound to be magical. 

Ings – Dog Physics

A few years ago I saw ings play live for the first time after already being a fan of the recordings. It was a solo set at a DIY fest that my friend and fellow great grandpa, Cam Laflam, put on called laflamapalooza. The sun had long been down, I was inebriated, sharing a blanket seat with a pal. All of the elements aligned to have a large emotional crying reaction to the true beauty and wonder that is Ings. I’m very excited to hear the new record and even more excited to share a release show on November 16th at Chop Suey in Seattle. 

Antonioni – Stutter Step

Antonioni is one of my all time favorite bands in Seattle. Experiencing their live set is always inspiring and I feel like it sends me off with a new charge of musical electricity. They’re also very kind people and I’ve been lucky to call them friends. 

DoNormaal – Ego Slave

DoNormaal is another artist I love to experience live. With every live set I find myself equally humbled and enamored with the grace, and energy that Christie exudes. 

Derek Ted – Sew Me Up

I have had Sew Me Up by Derek Ted stuck in my head for the last few days. This could be because I’ve heard it more than a few times recently as I am staying at Dereks house in LA this week. Aside from being able to write captivating, emotional bangers, Derek is such a warm and positive force to know. 

Jodi – Coffee

Jodi’s EP “Karaoke” has had me yearning for another listen ever since I first got my hands on that SoundCloud link. This is one of my favorite go-to long drive listens and I feel it only gets more special with time. 

‘Four of Arrows’ is out now on Double Double Whammy (US) and Big Scary Monsters (UK)

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