New song: Basement Revolver – Have I Been Deceived

Canada’s Basement Revolver released new EP ‘Wax and Digital’ on Friday (25 October), following up their debut full-length ‘Heavy Eyes’. Its standout moment is ‘Have I Been Deceived’, a shimmering, lush track with a deceptively dark subject matter. ‘Have I Been Deceived’s bright glimmer makes it easy to miss Chrisy Hurn’s (singer/guitarist) bleak words.

Under the band’s luxuriant shoegaze, Hurn sings of the anger and betrayal with which she regards her Christian upbringing. “Love, I feel like a prisoner / to a faith I hardly half believe / there’s so much shit that I’ve held onto / Could I know? / Lord, have I been deceived”. 

‘Have I Been Deceived’ is the best of both worlds. On first listen, it immediately strikes you as a gorgeous pop song. However, on the second, third and fourth play, its buried, murky layers start to unearth themselves one after the other. Gripping stuff. 

‘Wax and Digital’ is out now on Sonic Unyon Records

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