New song: Benjamin Spike Saunders – For The Benefit Of Someone Else

I count myself so lucky to live with my partner – someone who likes the kitchen as tidy as I do, if not tidier. I’ve shared flats with friends in the past who have not shared my appreciation for a clean kitchen – mould has grown on the worktop, plates have piled higher than the tower block we were living in. It’s extremely frustrating walking into a room and knowing that none of the mess contained within is your own. Half of you wants to clean it, half of wants to leave it out of resentment, even when you know that doing so will just result in further frustration.

Bristol’s Benjamin Spike Saunders explores this predicament on ‘For The Benefit Of Someone Else’, the standout track from his recently released EP ‘Tonsil Wife’. Speaking about the track, Saunders says: “Picture this, a kitchen full of dirty dishes, an overfilled bin bag and someone’s manky sock in the corner…this is no way to live. Think of ‘For The Benefit Of Someone Else’ as a tutorial for anyone wanting to have a clean kitchen but knowing that none of the mess is your own doing but powering through nonetheless. Let the song inspire you to get the Dettol out, bleach everything (including the sock) and brush up that lonely onion skin hugging the skirting board.”

Like much of the EP, the track is incredibly sparse and intimate – for its three-and-a-half-minute runtime he’s practically in the same room as you. A wannabee stand-up comedian, Saunders’ penchant for humour is obvious throughout, “Leave out the glasses / because we all know they dry themselves” he sings. The first half of the track is pure lo-fi, you can hear the sound of his hand bashing the taut strings of his acoustic guitar as his classy falsetto sounds above. The second half fuses a victorious violin solo fwith triumphant, forthright strums of the guitar. It’s as if with the jovial finish, Saunders is celebrating his small victory. Stood in his kitchen, feeling proud at the cleanliness surrounding him, a smile stretching from ear-to-ear. 

‘Tonsil Wife’ is out now on Leisure Records

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