New song: Emily Yacina – Gleaming

Emily Yacina’s backing vocals were a stand-out feature of Yohuna’s magnificent record, ‘Mirroring’. Yacina is a fast friend of Johanne Swanson (Yohuna) and the two seemingly share a friend in Eric Littmann – he produced ‘Mirroring’ and Yacina’s forthcoming record, ‘Remember The Silver’ (December 06).

Lead single ‘Gleaming’ is more a feeling than a song. Just 93 seconds in length, its plush texture floods your brain with dopamine. The vocal line is so infectious, you feel like you’ve heard it a million times before. “Meet me here / I’ll show you / The same light / I’m feeling” she sings, Stranger Things-like synths and poppy snares propping her up into the stratosphere. Originally an instrumental track, the latter half of ‘Gleaming’ is a blissful wig-out; the synths are blindingly bright, jousting against one another as Yacina’s voice contorts and floats above. Transportive isn’t the word.  

‘Remember The Silver’ is out December 06

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